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Band: Stickoxydal
Style: Goregrind
Where: Belarus

Current line-up:
Cutlass – guitar
Nicotine – bass
Carno – vox
Tonsil – vox
Krust – drums

"Meat Cutting Floor" 3-way split CD with Septicopyemia & Ebanath (Eclectic Productions, 2009)
"Obstetrical Collection" CD (Bizarre Leprous Production, 2007)
"Chainsaw Cesarean Section" MCD (self-produced, 2006)
"The Perverted Position Of Interiors" CD (Bizarre Leprous Production, 2005)
"Skozhanae Stanovishcha Vantrobau" demo (self-produced, 2004)
"Pro Narcosi" demo (self-produced, 2004)
100way "Splatter Fetish 2" (Alarma Records and Parkinson Wankfist Pleasures, 2008)

Off. website:

High spots:
Stickoxydal was formed in summer 2003, Molodechno, Belarus. The first members were Cutlass – guitar - vocal; Nicotine – bass - back vocal; Snoopy – drums. The initial musical style was funny/crust/punk/grindcore. The first demo "Pro Narcosi" (January 2004) was recorded in this style.
Right after that Stickoxydal changed it’s style to goregrind and recorded the second demo "Skozhanae stanovishcha vantrobau"(2004).

At the beginning of 2005 the band got proposal from Czech goregrind label Bizarre Leprous Production to release full CD. During that period two new members joined Stickoxydal: CARNO – vocal, SERGE – manager of the band.

In November 2005 the first full CD "The Perverted Position Of Interiors" was released on BIZARRE LEPROUS Production.

November 2005 - May 2006. Stickoxydal took part in a different concerts, tours & festivals together with a famous different grind bands such as CEREBRAL TURBULENCY, PARRICIDE, TOXIC BONKERS, EPICRISE, ABNORMYNDEFFECT, DISENTOMB, PERIALNYE KONDILOMY, SORDID CLOT.

In May 2006 Stickoxydal released MCD "Chainsaw Cesarean Section", which, besides new tracks, includes some bonuses, such as video from BRUTAL'OGY TOUR and others.

In October 2007 the second full CD "Obstetrical Collection" was released on BIZARRE LEPROUS Production.

In February 2008 Spell have changed Snoopy in drums.

In May 2008 manager and members of the Stickoxydal organized and carried out the first Belarusian grind festival "VEGETARIAN CARNAGE FEST".

December 2008 – Krust have changed Spell in drums.

Spring 2009 – 3-way split-CD SEPTICOPYEMIA / EBANATH / STICKOXYDAL was released by Eclectic Productions.