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Stephen Walking, real name Michael Arthur Toope, is a EDM producer from Toronto, Canada, signed to Monstercat. Heard to be combining elements of metals famous approaches to drum laden structure and uses of distortion within dubstep makes for a very different artist and listen among other musicians, he isn't afraid to break the mold. He often unleashes very short "albums" with 3 or 4 songs, examples of Zombie Union EP and Seven Sages EP. Most of Stephen Walking's explosive works can be found on his Bandcamp page.

Prior to joining Monstercat, Toope started off making dubstep video game remixes. He was successful in doing this, with his remix of Lavender Town having over 1 million views on YouTube.
He has appeared on more Monstercat compilation albums than any other artist on the label, having appeared on every album except 019 - Endeavour, 030 - Finale and Uncaged Vol. 3.

Toope is known for being wild and random, creating "Unboxing" videos for his songs, dressing as Woody from the Toy Story franchise for the Unboxing of his song Pizza Planet, frequently labeling his songs in crazy genres such as "Pizzacore" for Pizza Planet and "Wizard Bass" for Some Kinda Wizard, and dressing up with his friend Kyle Hutcheson as Buzz Lightyear and Woody from the Toy Story franchise, for Christmas instead of Halloween.

He also made an artist duo with 7 Minutes Dead, called Orbiter, which debuted their Orbiter EP.

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