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Begun in 2004 as a one-man side-project, has undergone many lineup changes over the past. Back to a one-man project, Splattered Entrails has established its name in the game as a project of Mike O'Hara (Malodorous & Cordectomy) that allows him to record whatever death metal is on his mind outside of Malodorous or Cordectomy. The inclusion of a drum machine allows for the never-ending possibilities of punishing death metal, however, always allowing the utter brutality to seep through.

Splattered Entrails, hitting the 'reset button' (YET AGAIN) is focusing on being a one-man project, delivering all the painful, punishing, tragic and disgusting mixtures of death metal into one unstoppable conglomeration.

Now, in 2011, Splattered Entrails will be releasing a 10-track EP 'Nauseate'. The track "Humans: Deprogrammed" will appear on there, as well as 9 other tracks. A tracklisting will be up soon.

©2004-2010 Splattered Entrails. All Rights Reserved.

Current line-up:
Mike O'Hara - Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Samples (Malodorous, Cordectomy, Suntorn)

Triple Fistfuck Fanatic (2006)
Grindustrialization (2006)
Flesh Out Of The Oven (2006)
Carnivorous Parasitic Infection (2006)
Choking on the Rot (2007)
Chainsaw Dissection vs. Splattered Entrails (2007)
Split w/ Disgorgement of Lymphatic Suppuration (2007)
Degenerative Morbosity (Never Released - 2010)
Demo 2010 (2010)
Nauseate (Summer 2011)

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