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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) SPEED is an Australian band

2) SPEED is a female group consisting of four members: hiro (Hiroko Shimabukuro), 今井絵理子 (Eriko Imai, also known as elly), 上原多香子 (Takako Uehara), and 仁絵 (Hitoe Arakaki.) SPEED's two primary vocalists are hiro and 今井絵理子.

Since their debut in 1996 with the single "Body & Soul", they have won multiple Japan Gold Disk Awards such as New Artist of the Year, Pop Album of the Year, and Song of the Year.

The group disbanded in early 2000, with each of the members pursuing solo projects (most notably hiro). Speed did reunite temporarily in 2001 to release "One More Dream" and in 2003 to release new works as part of the "Save the Children" charity project.

3) Speed (스피드) is a South Korean boy group under MBK Entertainment. They debuted in January 15, 2013 with their album 'Superior Speed'.

The band started as the male sub-unit of Co-ed School (남녀공학), until they became an independent group in 2013. The group consisted of Yuhwan, Jungwoo, Taeha, Jongkook, Sejun, KI-O, and Sungmin. The former members are Kwanghaeng, Taewoon, and Noori

Although there has not been any official statement from MBK Entertainment, the group is considered to have disbanded in November of 2015.

4) Speed was a short-lived band headed by "Bruce Bruce" (Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden fame) with Steve Adams (guitar), Paul White (bass), Gary Edwards (keyboards) and Jeff Moody (drums) . The single "Man in the Street" was posthumously released after Dickinson left the band in 1980.

5) Speed is an Irish Heavy Metal band who appeared on the Green Metal: New Wave Of Irish heavy Metal compilation from 1985 with the song "A Real Live Wire"

6) Speed is the alias for János Jancsa, a hip-hop artist based in Budapest, Hungary. He is also a full-time collaboration partner of the punk band !HFHG!

7) Speed is a Croatian hard rock group founded in 2001 in town Valpovo. Since then they've played many concerts all over Croatia. Mostly, they play covers of Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore… Today, members are: Livio Berak (guitar and vocal), Nikica Barović (bass) and Luka Ižaković (drums). In 2003 they released their first song "Halucinacija".

8) Speed is a cable and satellite television network broadcast to various parts of North America, but primarily the United States. The network, based in Charlotte, North Carolina on Harris Boulevard, currently broadcasts mostly automotive-related programming. The network also releases several internet podcasts, usually about the racing series that they broadcast on television.

9) Speed was a punk band from Japan. Formed in 1976 by ex-Murahachibu bassist Shinichi Aoki and a gent named Kengo, they only released one album, "Kiss-Off," on one of the main Tokyo Rockers labels, City Rockers. Aoki actually left before "Kiss-Off," in 1980, to join The Fools, and later the Teardrops with Murahachibu guitarist Fujio Yamaguchi. Kengo stayed on as the leader, and despite his band's impressive pedigree, "Kiss-Off" is a bit lost even in Japan, not yet receiving a CD reissue since it's initial 1981 release. More about them here

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