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Smile Empty Soul is a 3-piece band formed while its members attended different Santa Clarita high schools: Sean Danielsen (guitar and vocals), Ryan Martin (bass), and Derek Gledhill (drums). For Anxiety, Derek Gledhill was replaced by Dominic Weir. Dominic was then replaced by Ryan's friend Jake Kilmer. Later on, Mike Booth joined as second guitarist but split by mutual agreement during their 2007 tour. As of 2018, the band's lineup consists of Danielsen, bassist Mark Young and drummer Victor Ribas.

Years active:1998-Present
They have released six albums to date:
Smile Empty Soul (Released: May 27, 2003)
Anxiety (Due in 2005, but delayed until 2010)
Vultures (Released: October 24, 2006)
Consciousness (Released August 25, 2009 by F.O.F/EMI Records).
3's (Released May 22nd, 2012 by eOne Records]
Oblivion (Self-Released May 25, 2018)

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