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There are/were at least two bands called Slough, both of which are from the United States.

1. The most popular is a grind/death metal band from the United States. This band established the name Slough first.

2. The second was a project by Anarchaotical and is dark ambient / noise.

Slough was born in 1994 with Sick Rick Diamond on guitar, vocals and drum programs, and Tyler “Gein” Jones on guitar. They released several demos on Tyler's underground Extreme Scene label. Slough was later put on hiatus until 2003, featuring Tom Eversole on drums, Joe Crap on guitar, Tyler Dudley on bass, and Rick Diamond on vocals. Tom soon left the band, and Aaron Tayler took over percussion duties. Over the course of the following year, the band recorded a few songs and played a few shows, including 2004's Central Illinois Metalfest alongside Incantation, Lividity, and longtime grindcore buddies Vomit Spawn, among many other greats. In 2005, the band returned to the use of the drum machine, and they added Putrefaction vocalist Chris Noyes to their lineup. Following Tyler Gein's death in 2005, Rick and Tyler Dudley went on to produce The Green Man Talking project in 2006. Slough lay dormant until 2012, resurrected by Sick Rick and Dr. J Sloughman.

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