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Silent Child, real name Rodney Cooke, is a Black & Hispanic producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist from Atlanta.

Georgia-born, Cooke grew up with an unconventional childhood; his ADHD and Aspergers made social situations tough. But Cooke found his voice and broke his silence through music. After learning to produce during this sophomore year of high school, he released his debut single, “Don’t Feel So Bad”, in 2019. In 2020, he released multiple songs, including his most popular yet: “F*ck You,” with over 1.5 million streams. Other songs like “Freak” and “I’ll Be There For You” also put his creativity on full display.
Though once filled with doubt, the rocktronic sensation has now found his sound and truly earned himself the spotlight

Top Tracks
2) 1975
3) Jump
10) Happy
11) ADHD
15) Normal
17) Hell
18) Puppet
22) So Fun
25) Psycho

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