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Signalrunners started as a trans-Atlantic trance project in 2003 with members Alan Nimmo (Scotland) and Andrew Bayer (USA). Alan Nimmo, an experienced DJ and producer has been DJing since the tender age of 12 and has DJed in most of Scotlands top venues. His passion for dance music started with DJing in the UK Rave scene in the early nineties and evolved to Trance as music styles progressed in the UK. Starting his official DJing career in 2000, he held various residencies throughout central Scotland most nights of the week. Producing what he played became the next step. He started putting his experience of everything that he had learned about how a dance-floor works into his own productions. Andrew Bayer started his interest for music at the very young age of 3 when he started taking piano lessons. Throughout middle school he had been slowly acquiring a taste for commercial dance music (which was rare for the USA) but had always had a soft spot for anything electronic based in music. As he graduated from middle school in 2001, he went on a sight seeing trip to Germany that would later turn out to be a little more than just a sight seeing trip. A commercial for Eye Trance 002 caught his attention while he was there and heard Rank 1s remix of Superstring and Gouryellas Tenshi and was absolutely captivated. He started producing when he got home. Since meeting on an online web forum their talents instantly fused delivering a wide range of electronic dance music that you hear today

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