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Between Carolina and Santurce he lived his childhood listening Salsa, afro-american music, jazz, reggae and of course Hip-hop. His artistic name is Siete Nueve (seven nine) .
Siete Nueve bring us in his music a big variety of musical feelings with the classical sound of Hip-Hop from the golden rap age.
His lyrics are full with social aspects, and a compromise of change is one of his characteristics from the others MC´s from the island, so that becomes him in one of the independent leaders in his country.
His first LP " EL PRO-GRESO " is considered and named as a classic in the latin hip-hop and his second production "TRABUCO" has not exceptions being named by the HIP-HOP NATION magazine from Spain as one of the best productions of Hip-Hop in spanish, the young artists gives honor to big people that are for him so important in his life like: Don Tite Curet Alonso, VICO-C and the song "guasabara" has a lot of recorded messages from MC´S from all the world saying words against war.
He has colaborated with: William Cépeda, Andy Montañez, Charlie Sepúlveda, David Sánchez, Jerry Medina, Oscar Cartaya, Godfader, Gombajabari, Intifada, Velcro, Randy Acosta (Cuba),Grupo Obsesión (Cuba), Boca Floja (Mexico),Crisálida, Cultura Profética, Jim B.(Islas Canarias,España) and many more.
Hip-Hop like you have never listen and 100% recommended if you want to hear something that really makes you think about how is the latin american situation.

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