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There are two bands who have used this name:

1) Side by Side was an American band on Revelation Records. They were a band from New York that belonged to the scene. The singer Jules Massey went on to form Alone in a Crowd. Side by Side also consisted of Sammy Siegler on drums, Eric Fink on lead guitar (also in Gorilla Biscuits), Brian Clark on bass and Alex Brown on rhythm guitar. Sammy went on to be in bands such as Youth of Today, Project X, Judge, Civ and others and plays today for a band called Rival Schools. Alex also put out Schizm, a notable magazine, and was in Project X as well before also joining Gorilla Biscuits. Recorded output was limited to a single 7-track 7", You're Only Young Once… (1988), which was re-issued featuring 22 tracks in 1997. This 7" was the fifth record Revelation Records released. Although the band was short-lived, their influence has survived until today, as they are a lot of youth crew kids' favorite band.

2) As of recently, there is another band that uses this name. The streamable tracks on this page are by them. Here is their bio, copied from their homepage,

Over the course of the past year we’ve experienced a lot of different emotions and events; some negative and some positive. We’ve felt love, love that we all dream of, we felt the loss of that love; we experienced death with all the sadness and tears and everything else that comes with it and we also experienced birth of new lives. There was loneliness, and there was hope. Longing and achieving, worrying and caring. We felt scared and we felt confidence. We felt tears and we saw smiles. Through it all our music and our words were with us. Without them we’re not completely sure how we would have survived. This compilation of songs is a documentation of it all. At root it’s what art and music should be: pure honesty and pure emotion. We ask of you to let every word and every note, every sound, and every instrument run through your mind and take control for a moment. The only thing we can say to you is thank you for listening and supporting. As you listen to these songs take the time to take it all in and hear everything, to study and examine it. It all stands and stems from some emotion and occurrence in our lives that we’re now sharing with you, it makes us vulnerable in every sense of the word. We trust all of you to hear it. Turn the lights down, put on some headphones, close your eyes, turn it up loud and think of someone or something you love…something beautiful. Let it take you over.

Love always,

Side by Side

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