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Mr. Lester Loyd III (aka Shalosh) is the biggest kept secret in the music industry of today and now he’s letting that secret out by offering the world to hear, buy and enjoy his music, his artists and his energy drinks. In 1988, he joined a new male group called the "UZI $ Bros". The group was formed after the main group split-up called the "World Class Wreckin' Cru". In the main group was Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, Lonzo, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Will Roc, Bob, Ken, Riche Rich and etc.

The conclusion of the main group was that some became the famous "N.W.A" and the others became the "UZI $ Bros". In 1996 he released his brother "Pretty-Boy Loyd" on his own label in chicago "Hell-Yeah Records" with a single called "What's Next". This release was manufactured and distributed by the William Craig Group, then based out of Scottsdale Arizona.

In 2003 the new movie "When Thugs Cry", an artisan studio DVD was released and he played the role "RED" a Music Producer….(Credits:) "Red" by Lester Loyd III, ADR Mixers: Lester Loyd III. In 2010 he became the Head Music Producer, Leading Artist & CEO/Owner of Narp Records with releases playing in over 40,000 Touchtunes Digital Jukeboxes within the USA under the artist name "Lester Loyd". As of 2012, he is also the CEO/Owner and Founder of Jukkin Energy Drink Inc and it's secret energy drink blends.

Jukkin Energy Drink now has a multi-genre recording label (Jukkin! Records) with a primary in dance music and Jukkin Energy Drink is the worlds leading energy drink beverage corporation that only make the hits. As of 2013, he is using his childhood name called "Shalosh", which is "Three" in hebrew and has released a new hit single called "Woman" to the world.

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