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In 2015, Malthe Fischer released his first cassette under the Scandinavian Star moniker. The tape was released through the American label, Ascetic House and became a widely loved release in the underground music community.

A kind of mystery, however, surrounded the release. All of the tracks were untitled and only a limited run of 50 copies was released. Nevertheless, the tape achieved Internet fame and became a sought after item among collectors.

When asking Malthe about how it all came to life and why there was such a silence surrounding its release, he explained that the project was born out of a school assignment at his former education and apparently, that was supposed to be it. The end of Scandinavian Star. His intentions weren't to play live or record anything new under the alias, but a regained interest in contemporary electronic music and a fascination for ferries resurrected the project.

He began research into the Scandinavian Star disaster, that took place in 1990 and after a two years working process, SOLAS (short for Safety of Life At Sea) was released in late 2018 on Posh Isolation.

Top Tracks
1) Alang
4) Candi
5) Relic
9) Nassau
18) Candy
19) A3
20) A1
21) A2
22) B4
23) B5
24) B1
25) B2

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