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Sapphire Solace is the new side project and collaboration of musicians Velvet Shadow and Rick Joyce. Bringing together electronic sounds and the stylistic guitars of Rick, the project is a musical interweaving of electronic instrumentation, and vocal expression, a musical pair designed to portray emotions at their truest meaning.

It was during the end of 2006 , that the beginnings of Sapphire Solace began, with Joyce working voluntarily on a track that Velvet had submitted to him previously. After working together on Velvet Shadow's music, they both decided to collaborate on an entire project together, and Sapphire Solace began.

Rick Joyce is well known for being the founder of, as well as the guitarist for the Californian band The Last Dance, a band that has been touring many countries for over 15 years, including the USA, Puerto Rico and most of Europe. A well established band, with a loyal audience and fan base; it is a recognised achievement for a Gothic band to be standing the test of time for so long. Truly a test of the band's brilliant performances and connections with the audience, and a catalogue of diverse material are the reasons for such longevity in the music industry.

Sapphire Solace's material so far fluctuates from ballad tracks such as “Completely” and “Finally” to more upbeat club material such as “Take A Look Inside” and “Too Late” - tracks that demonstrate the band's ability to write diversely, and appeal to a wide range of people and venues. Their sound is a blend of haunting vocals, combined with Joyce's stylistic gothic rock guitars, both of which are set against an electronic soundscape to create an emotional portrayal of their material. With songs written to invoke thought and reflection, their goal is for their audience to enjoy the music, but also reflect on the meaning of their lyrics, and how they can be relevant in their own situations.