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Sam Bradley was born in London in 1986, but began his schooling, at he age of three, in Hong Kong. When his folks divorced two years later, he moved with his mom to Nashville , where he was raised amidst the sounds of country, music that would haunt his work for the rest of his life. When Bradley's mother, an Irish-Canadian singer/songwriter, took him back to England his father moved on to Sri Lanka, fulfilling Sam's destiney to be a wanderer: following family from home in London to Sri Lanka, the Carribean and Canada. In the fall of 1997, having written songs for as long as he could remember, Bradley enrolled into a liberal arts school in the heart of the city. Though he was instantly disillusioned with the constraints of academic life, his contemporaries took him in more productive directions. Namely the development of his art, it was a musical education with heroes such as Tom Waits, Van Morrison, Tim Buckley and Johnny Lee Hooker as teachers. Thus began Bradley's days as a performer. He began playing anywhere that would have him, be it an Irish pub, a squat party or Tall Poppy's weekly showcase. All the while living in a home that lived for music. From his father he took the blues, while his mother taught him how to write, listening to artists such as Janis Joplin, Brooks and Dunn or Alan Jackson. In the summer of 2004, Bradley dropped out of school and moved to Vancouver . There, he found others like him and began to run a small music night at one of his local cafe's. All the while he was recording songs, both on a borrowed four-track and on his trusted computer. As time went by audience response to his guitar skills and particularly the striking beauty of his voice - an instrument of rare quality, became astounding. One of the most genuine, generous and open hearted people one could meet, the true depth of his humanity, focused through his incredible music,be witnessed in the flesh - rough, loud and live. Sam is the real thing.

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