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Royal Teeth are an indie pop band from Louisiana, USA, which came together in 2010.

Royal Teeth is a happy accident. On a whim, the New Orleans-based band started incorporating samples and electronics to its indie vibe. Though this sounds mainstream, the band catches audiences off-guard with its memorable male and female vocal hooks.

More than ever, the band has cemented its stylistic sound. Before, the lineup changed from show-to-show. Now, the six members are set, ready for royalty.

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Band members:
Gary Larsen (singer)
Nora Patterson (singer)
Joshua Wells (bass)
Josh Hefner (drums)
Stevie Billeaud (guitar)
Andrew Poe (keyboard)

Debut EP - "Act Naturally" (2011)
The band released their debut EP Act Naturally in 2011.

Debut Album - "Glow" (2013)
After signing with Dangerbird Records, Royal Teeth released their long awaited debut album Glow on August 13th 2013, featuring 11 tracks.

American Idol appearance (2014)
On March 20th 2014, the band appeared on American Idol on the Fox network in the US, where they performed their breakout single "Wild". The track had featured as one of NPR’s Austin 100 to preview SXSW 2014.

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