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Starting as a threesome; Jores du True (drums), Dirty Dr. Dente (guitar) and Steven Smegma (gargling) wanted to create the kinda music they love the most; partygroovin with sick downtuned vomit vocals. Inspired by Utopie, Gut, Impetigo, Haemorrhage and Negligent Collateral Collapse they had their first try out in 1999, but it really started of after they found bassplayer Micheil the Menstrual Mummy at Fuck The Commerce Fest 2001. Rompeprop's first gig was a fact in September of that same year at the famous Dynamoclub, Eindhoven.

After that show they were able to sign a small record deal with Dismemberment Records. The release of MCD Menstrual Stomphulk (February 2002) was surprisingly successful as it was sold out in just three months. Overwhelmed with tons of fanmail their popularity increased tremendously in just one year.

One year later (March 2003) they released their first full-length on Bizarre Leprous (CZ.). This album, Hellcocks Pornflakes, caused their official break through. Other labels asked to release the next one and even Mortician invited Rompeprop to participate on their USA 2004 tour! Vocalist Steven Smegma couldn't combine his job any longer with the band and after having more and more health problems, he unfortunately had to quit the band. But not after doing the studio recordings of their third CD, a split with Tu Carne, Just a Matter of Splatter.

The other three had to hit the rehearsal room again to take over Stevens vocals, cause they needed to get ready for hitting the stage as much as possible in 2004 and beyond! This worked out okay, and after their first gig as a threesome on the Just Killers No Fillers Fest in Germany, the doors went open for their international adventure.

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