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There are at least two artists named Robert Ellis:
1. Robert Ellis - an American folk singer
2. Robert Ellis (beta_red) - a video game music artist

1. Robert Ellis is an American singer-songwriter based in Houston, Texas, United States. In 2009, Robert Ellis released debut solo album The Great Rearranger. in addition to Ellis' solo career his plays in the bands The Lovely Sparrows, Robert Ellis and the Boys, Houston's I Am Mesmer; drums for singer-songwriter Chase Hamblin and bass in blues Grandfather Child.

In 2009, Robert Ellis  Texas-based singer and songwriter, Ellis released the his debut solo album, The Great Re-Arranger. The album touches upon a range of styles spanning pastoral , railroad and front porch .  Ellis' rough hewn vocals and finely etched songs received positive reviews  and was named by The Houston Chronicle (#7 album in 2009) as one of "Top Houston Discs of 2009".

Robert Ellis Musical Influences’: Doc Watson, Gillian Welch, and Richard Joiner.

Artist page: Robert Ellis
Album page: The Great Rearranger
Album page: Grandfather Child
Robert Ellis, (vocals, guitar, bass)

Album page: The Great Rearranger
Album page: Grandfather Child
Vinyl, Single, 45 RPM, 7"

Official Myspace Music page:

The Lovely Sparrows
Robert Ellis and the Boys
I Am Mesmer 
Chase Hamblin (drums for singer-songwriter Chase Hamblin)
Grandfather Child (Robert Ellis plays the bass in Grandfather Child.

2. Robert Ellis (a.k.a. Robbie Ellis or beta_red) is a video game music writer and producer. He is known for making the soundtrack for Treasure Adventure Game.