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There are more than one artists sharing that name.

1. Rivalries are a four-piece indie rock band from Philadelphia, PA. The band is composed of Drew Mercadante (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Josh Nussbaum (Guitar), Ryan Hall (Bass) and Matt Hottinger (Drums). The band is noted for their unique mix of influences, from Russian staple of Romanticism Rachmaninoff to modern influences like Radiohead and Minus the Bear.

2. Rivalries is a melodic punk rock/pop punk band from London, England.

3. A (for now) 3-piece band from North London, UK. Lineup consists of: Adam Legg (vocals / guitar), Jason Ross (vocals / guitar), Spencer Rayment (drums).
Noticeable for their unique obscure atmospheric sound, thing explained due to the fact of their big range of influences by genres like: , , , , et cetera.
Since the beginning of September 2009 the band became a 3-piece, following the departure of their bass player Tom Baker.
In the end of September 2009 the band decided to change their appellation. They used the name "Anemone", but scraped it away after a while. They are still going under the name "Rivalries", but are still looking for a new name.

Now a new band name is Autotelic Youth, and here is a new page on myspace:

4.An Emo / Screamo band from Walpole, Massachusetts, USA that was active in 2006-2009.
tried to bring back the screamo popular in the 90's to the present
dead forever.

members are currently playing in the band…

5. A 5 piece alternative/post-hardcore Las Vegas, NV band that started February 2011. Consisting of guitarists Kenneth Bean, Adam Slavin, bassist Sean Romulus, drummer Ryan Marquez and Brad Dizon on vocals. A 5 track EP is in the works and should be released late July or early August 2011.

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