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One of the many top performers in Indonesia, Rio Febrian is a pure entertainer. Charm and his performances in vocal, get heart in all music lover in indonesia. "Music is my life and my expressions" said the singer bloody and Betawi Manado this. "And I enjoy what I do at this time to" add Rio, who birth in Jakarta, 25 February 1981.

Before dive to the recording industry, Rio often taking singing competition. first competition when he was still a nine years old, in Bogor. In an 90- Rio often sweep the race-and national-level competitions, including: 2nd Champion Bahana Student Voters in 1994 and 2nd Champion Stars Radio & Television in 1997. In 1999, Rio advanced to the level of Asia and become a successful 1st champion Grand Champions 1999 Asia Bagus.

Before his first outstanding solo album, in 2000 with Erra Fazira from Malaysia, he brings the songs of Fariz RM Nada Kasih (love tones). Along with his Love Tones become popular, Rio join the Elfa's Choir. along with it he compete the international choir competition, the Choir Olympic 2000 in Linz, Austria, and reach first Champion and Champion Male Ensemble I Adult Choir.

First Album be given the title in accordance with its own name "RIO Febrian" circulating in 2001, the recent hit single Yovie Widianto paper titled "Not for"

In mid-2004 two-album to Rio, entitled "I have here" was launched, and the hit single titled the same as the title of this album directly greet ears warm music lover Indonesia. In this album there are three songs that are the fruit of the consistent performers dangan music melankolis this, namely: "Pain," "We Love" and "Love".

"All that has been achieved to this day is God's gift, and support from those people nearest me and all of the fans" he added.

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