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1) Reso (aka Alex Melia) is a dubstep artist.
2) Reso (aka Yuusaku Kubota) is an ambient electronica artist.
3) Reso aka Dengbej Reso is an old Kurdish bard
4) Reso, correctly spelled Reşo, is a Kurdish singer


Grotty, aggy, dark, brutal are all words used to describe the music of 27 year-old Alex Melia aka Reso, which is sometimes at odds with his boyhood dream of drumming in a jazz band. This frustrated sticks man, who has been hitting the skins for a number of bands including the ubiquitous Jamie Woon, instead pours his frenetic energy and love of breakbeats into his dubstep/breaks/ techno productions.

“I started making beats in 2002 when I got a PC and a bunch of cracked software.” Recounts Alex. “I was generally making whatever kind of music I was in the mood for, but it usually turned into tear out breaks and drum and bass for some reason.” A big breaks fan, Alex did work experience at Botchit & Scarper and would frequent Fabric on a regular basis to catch the likes of Ed209 and Baobinga. The busy percussive motifs of breakbeat heavily influenced the young Londoners sound, yet it was the emergent dubstep scene that captured his imagination and offered him a blank canvas.

A versatile producer and gifted DJ, Reso is a rising star, gaining worldwide notoriety for his technoid inspired productions which often transcends the dubstep tag that many have easily slotted him into. From the chugging metal guitars of Metal Slug, via the pulsating techno echoes of Identity, and into the bowels of the haunting, filtered sub bass workout of Holograms, Reso’s aural identity is a densely layered, high octane tapestry, rich with musical texture and colour, which really sets him apart from the minimal sparseness of many of his fellow producers.

Mary Anne Hobbs has been a fervent supporter of the young producer, commissioning a special 20-minute mix for her Radio One Breezeblock show back in January 2007. Reso has worked with Burial, engineering his critically acclaimed remix of Jamie Woon’s Wayfaring Stranger. More recently Reso’s remix of The Dubstitutes 2 Faced Rasta (Dubting) has been gathering strong support from some of Dubstep’s key players such as Benga, N-Type, Walsh and Rusko.

With a busy DJ schedule, Reso has been up and down the country smashing dance floors from Newcastle to Nottingham and London, whilst regularly hitting mainland Europe. With a number of key releases on Storming Productions, Destructive, Urban Graffiti and Skud hitting the shops over the next three months, Reso is definitely one to catch before he blows up!

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