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Swedish extremists Regurgitate were formed in 1990 by vocalist Rikard Jansson and Crematory drummer Mats, who promptly set about recording their first demo in the spirit of early Napalm Death - by cramming eleven ‘songs' into approximately two minutes.

1992 saw them teaming up with German Vaginal Massaker for a split 7" E.P. they called Poserslaughter, and they repeated the dose a year later with various friends, including Japan's Grudge and Germany's Dead - the latter featuring new guitarist Urban.

Their first full album, named 'Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood' and packing 37 tracks, emerged the following year, but the band disintegrated long before it was picked up for worldwide distribution by in 1999. Encouraged by the renewed interest, Jansson and Urban reformed Regurgitate with bassist Glenn and drummer Jocke, issuing 2000's 'Carnivorous Erection' album, then following it up with 2001's 'Hatefilled Vengeance' E.P. and finally 2003's 'Deviant' L.P. In 2006 Regurgitate released their latest audioassault entitled 'Sickening Bliss' with 26 gore-filled tracks.

Stockholm, Sweden

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  • 1990 – 2009 (19 years)
  • Östergötland, Sweden
  • Johan Jansson

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