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Ramleh started out as a power electronics group in 1982 by Gary Mundy of Broken Flag records. He added Bob Strudwick and later replaced him with Jerome Clegg. Ramleh recorded some of the earliest, and heaviest examples of power electronics with many releases and live performances, including the classic "Return to Slavery" album. The original phase of the band ended in 1984.

In 1987 Ramleh relaunched again, this time as a Gary Mundy solo project, with the release "Hole in the heart" and "Nerve". These releases marked the development of a new sound, fusing psychedelic guitars with electronic noise, that would influence later groups such as Skullflower.

Between 1987 and 1989 Ramleh became co-joined to Skullflower (then in the early stages of formation), with both bands sharing members and recording facilities; as a result, Gary Mundy plays lead guitar on many early Skullflower releases.

In 1989 Ramleh relaunched again with the album "Grudge for Life", this time as a duo with Philip Best (Whitehouse) and featuring a guitar-driven sound but with no percussion. The album "Blowhole" followed in 1990.

In 1992 Mundy and Best were joined by Stuart Dennison (Skullflower) and Anthony Di Franco (Skullflower, AX, NOVATRON).This line up went on to record a number of singles and albums between 1992 and 1997 starting with the album "Homeless" and culminating in the release of the "Boeing" album. In 1998 the group went on a long-term sabbatical.

In 2003 the group reconvened in a recording studio in London. Shortly afterwards Philip Best left the group. The group then continued with the line-up of: Gary Mundy, Anthony Di Franco and Martyn Watts. From 2004 to 2008 the group have continued recording and have performed live at various locations in London and New York. In October 2007, Ramleh played an exclusive power electronics performance in Brooklyn supported by Wolf Eyes.

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  • 1982 – present (38 years)
  • Croydon, London, England, United Kingdom
  • Anthony Di Franco Gary Mundy Philip Best (1989 – 1999)
    Stuart Dennison

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