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"In a time when deeds must be done
In a land of true darkness, no sun
There was but one way
The day could be saved
By raping the enemies of fun."
- Anonymous

Born in The South, and currently camped in the mountains of The West, one-man killing machine Rainbowdragoneyes explores the dichotomic and entirely plausible relationship between death metal and dance pop. He crafts his own unique powerful dance music using primitive 8 and 16 bit video game hardware coupled with modern alchemic techniques, adding equal parts of melody and unequivocal fury with his vocals.

He has appeared at the 2009 Blip Festival in NY, Datapop 4.0 in Austin TX and in cities across the country on a nationwide tour in 2010. His new album "The Primordial Booze" is set to be released on 3.3.11 via 8bitpeoples and his own label RAGE NOT RAVE.

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