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Rain City Drive is the new name for post-hardcore band Slaves after wanting to change the name to avoid potential racism with the Black Lives Matter movement by being called "Slaves".

The need and desire to evolve has an undeniable gravitational pull, especially within music, and with each new era a new sense of renewed purpose and definition is born. Rain City Drive (formerly Slaves) are embracing their next chapter with a powerful combination of authenticity and fervor, true to themselves, their fans and the legacy they now want to create for the next generation of the band. Singer Matt McAndrew (NBC's The Voice) adds a refreshing pop-melodic swagger to the heavy riffs and songsmanship that has helped them amass a staggering 280 million streams equivalent to 263K album sales streams across their catalog, poising the band to make new waves within a genre ready for a shake up.

With "Cutting It Close", the first track under their rebranded moniker Rain City Drive, the band have a blistering follow up to hit single "Talk To A Friend", which is still in recurrent rotation on SiriusXM Octane. It marks an impressive beginning of the campaign for their new album that will release in spring 2022 alongside live shows as inspiring as the songs themselves, and fans ready to sing every note.

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