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Pura Vida is one of the biggest new reggae revelations from Belgium.

Originally Pura Vida started as a small subproject of funder Bregt de Boever who is also a respected producer and composer. Describing their music as strictly reggae or dub would be a simplification.
Pura Vida brings a new refreshing mix of various genres like blues, soul, dance and music in general. After winning at the Reggae Contest of Rototom Sunsplash 2008 their musical career went to the next level and Pura Vida earned his place in the European reggae world.
With Pura Vida reggae has been reborn as a source of inspiration, a view on life and a eyewink to the craziness that keeps the world going. This ‘twelve headed’ band brings reggae in the most pure interpretation of the word: reggae that impresses and unites!

Pura Vida gave birth in 2006 when a couple of friends started jamming in the Lost Arc Studio of Bregt de Boever. Soon they got offered to play at Collieroots, a local charming reggae festival. At this festival they met other musicians of Najanonki, The Roots Train Rockers, Wrong’em Boyo en Los Skatchou Bottos. The fire went over and new friendships were made.

In 2007 Pura Vida started creating their unique refreshing sound. In the search for this some members left and new ones joined the band. One of them was the MC-talent Saimn-I. With this new young influences some offside projects like the sound system Pura Vida Productionz were started. They quickly got famous for being Belgium’s only sound system stricktly playing own creations !

Then in 2008 the big breakthrough came for Pura Vida as a band. After two years of writing songs and developing an original sound the band applied for the Rototom Sunplash Reggae Contest and won the Benelux price. Suddenly their music had been heard and many more concerts followed. Since then Pura Vida has played on Reggae Sundance, Koedan Festival, Reggae Geel, Rototom Sunsplash, etc. They even played as the supporting act of Horance Andy & Zion Train in Belgium and recorded songs together with Prince Alla and The Congos.

In January 2010, Bregt was invited by Congo Ashanti Roy to the lions den studio in Jamaica. They stayed for two weeks in the Congos H.Q. where they recorded We nah give up! After this Jamaican adventure, future collaborations are expected.

Pura Vida is facing a bright future being one of the most creative reggae acts of Europe. After the loving rewards about their song on the ‘A Belgian World Music Compilation’ of I&I Relations, they started recording more songs.

There latest CD called ‘Struggle in the city’ was released in March 2010 on Kinkystar Records Gent

HERE AT THE LOST ARK (by Martijn Hudders, for Pura Vida)
Space and movement collide into one. As the reggae rhythm makes love to bluesy notes: a new sound is born. Between the red heart of a burning violin And the shining armour of golden trumpets, a soulgoddess sings her heart out for the benefit of the pura vida sound. Here at the lost ark. You lose track of space and time. You force yourself to lose yourself. Here at the lost ark…. music takes over.
BOOKINGS by Lost Ark Music: puravidaproductionz (at) gmail (dot)com or lostarkmusic (at) gmail (dot) com

Bandleden Pura Vida!
Bregt De Boever: lead vocal, rhythm guitar and melodica
Stefaan Collman: backing vocal
Boris Perck: bas guitar
Simon Decante: backing vocal, orgel
Bos de Busscher: piano, orgel, clavinet
Wouter Rosseel: lead-guitar
Steven Van Coillie: picking-guitar
Karel de Smaele: alt-sax
Pieter De Naeghel: trombone
Floris Windey: trompet
Katrien Peters: violin
Xan Albrecht: drums
Christofer Lonneville: sound engineer
Nina Shelfthout: camera, graphics and design

—-PLAYERS OF THE LOST ARK STUDIO: Pura Vida Productionz!—-..
*Bregt(Puraman): Lead Vocals, Backing vocals, Bass, drums, percussion, Sitar, arragements, mixing engineer, effects, lead guitar, picking&solo guitar, recording and dubbing, organ&piano, Melodica, flutes, tabla, child instruments and weird sounds
Jamaican musicans who worked with Pura Vida: Congo Ashanti Roy, Cedric Myton, Kenroy"Tallash" Fyffe, Watty Burnett together they are the congos
Leroy"Horsemouth" Wallace on drums in The Lost Ark Studio, tunes will sooncome!
Prince Allah and Lucan I Old and new Rootsreggae singers!
*Nina: chanting *Simon-I: Chanting and some nice guitarwork *Pieter Minne: Solo guitar *Jonas De Rave: orgel and accordeon *Rastov: Bass, shouting&chanting *Messenjah: chanting *Lady-Li(pura divas): lead vocal&backings *Fem(pura divas): lead vocal& backings *Marie(pura divas): lead vocal& backings *Karel(Najanonki): drums *Jonas Vilain:drums *Jizz(mojito): ryhme and flemish rap *Steven: lead guitar& picking guitar *Katrien: Violin *Dj-Crossfire: support & teachings!! *Emile(sundown selectors):Guitar and Bass *Maru(from Dodo, Barcelona& argentina): Charango&Guitar *Ivo( from Dodo!,''): Violin *Ras Cloud: Chanting *Maarten en Tjitze: trippy sounds! * Lead guitar: Steven * Alt sax: Karel * Trumpet: Mathieu * bariton & tenor sax:Joris * Drums: Jonas * Bass: Boris * Orgel: Bos * Violin: Katrien *Wouwie: tenorsax, sopraansax, guitar, organ *Kor: chanting.. *G.T.Moore: Chanting, organ, guitars and Percussion
Big thanks to Lennart & Charlotte for prof. Photos! & support: LOVE!! Big thanks to all the people who support Pura Vida Productionz: Love fi everyone everywhere!

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