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In the fall of 2009, Sean Farrell and Max Hype teamed up to produce their first track together, which quickly lead to over an album's worth of songs in two weeks. Their talent is not individual. Their music is a culmination of edgy electronic sounds mixed with the darker side of hip hop, creating what is regarded as "dubhop". With 12 years of production and experience behind them, Max and Sean have a promising future in the music industry. Two different personalities from polar-opposite backgrounds, with two different lifestyles. What makes them unique is their uncontrollable infatuation with noise. Music is not only their passion; it is their way of life.
After releasing their first album, The Protohype, they drop their second album, Filthy; which — as promised — delivered trunk rattling bass mashed up with dirty vocals and head nodding drums. With plenty of experience, Max and Sean gain attention all across the US and beyond.
Protohype is now a major part of the bass culture in 2014, where Max is creating music solo. Protohype has released an array of albums on the growing Firepower label, including the "No Evil" albums and collaborations. Max also has a new album coming in late August labeled Encore, which will feature his most promising sounds and his best work.

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