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Poly Styrene (b. Marianne Joan Elliott-Said, 1957, in Bromley, London, UK, died 25 April 2011), was a singer (active from 1976 - 2011), best known at the front of English band X-Ray Spex. She also recorded a solo album, "Translucence" (1980), featuring her singing very chilly-sounding vocals, over very dark music. In 1986, she released the EP "Gods And Goddesses" (Awesome), featuring the anti-cult "Trick of the Witch".

In the 1980s Elliott-Said joined the Hare Krishna movement & recorded at their studios. She lived with her husband (a fellow priest) & daughter Celeste, in London until she lost her fight with cancer on 25 April 2011. She was of part Somali ancestry.

X-Ray Spex are best known for their album "Germ Free Adolescents" (1978, EMI). Neneh Marianne Karlsson (aka Neneh Cherry), was sufficiently impressed to cover the title track. A reunion album "Conscious Consumer" (1995), echoed the concerns of the band's début.

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