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Pighead is a band from Germany. They formed in 2007 by Denny H.(Guitars) and Robert A. (Drums). They were joined by Morten W. (Vocals) and Robert S. (Bass) to complete the line up.

They released a demo in 2007 called "Demo 2007" with this line up playing standard death metal with slam breakdowns. The group expanded on their sound by adding an additional full time vocalist in the form of Martin R. They released another demo in 2009 before releasing their debut full length album "Cadaver Desecrator" in 2010 independantly. However, as the band were just starting to get into their flow Morten left the band.

During 2011 live shows Robert S. was replaced by Aike W. for some of their touring shows due to a hand injury earlier on that year. The band released a music video of their single in their upcoming new album as a VHS called "Kill the Living, Eat the Dead" in early 2012. They released soon after their second full length album called "Rotten Body Reanimation" on 22nd Feburary 2012. Soon after in May 2012, Martin R.(Vocals), Robert S. (Bass) and Robert A.(Drums) left the band over a disagreement on the band's next step. Danny has now recruited favourable performers such as Conor Downes on bass (In Demise, Requital), Hermann on drums and Jehacktet Vocalist Wille Kurr to help promote the new album with a tour around Germany and other central european countries.

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