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Pg.99 was a band from Sterling, Virginia, located in the outskirts of Washington D.C. They are considered one of the pioneers of . "We were just a group of friends who all wanted to play music and try to make our lives more incredible". They formed as a 6-piece in the Winter of 1998, and later became an 8-piece as their consistent touring line-up. But at their most extreme, they would have up to 13 members on stage, from extra vocalists to kazoo players. Their live shows were known for their extreme intensity, and they would frequently have "themed" shows, where everyone would dress up in togas, hit each other with pool noodles, crowd surf with boogie boards, etc. They went on several full US tours over their five-year existence. They released 11 records out on many different labels, including Reptilian, Level-Plane, Robodog, Happy Couples Never Last, Robotic Empire and Magic Bullet.

After several US tours, a European tour, and numerous releases, they disbanded in May 2003. Before officially breaking up, Pg.99 booked Steve Albini of Shellac and Big Black as their producer for a follow-up to Document #8. Guitarist Mike Taylor cited struggles with maintaining a large line-up due to schedule conflicts, and issues with drinking as major reasons for why Pg. 99 broke up. Taylor also said, "It was like a dysfunctional family where a group of people needed to give each other some space and clarity."

Two releases completed before the group's break up have yet to see light: a DVD compiling various live footage, and a split 10" with City of Caterpillar containing both bands' last songs recorded.

Four of the members would go on to perform in Pygmy Lush.

Some of their members also played in City of Caterpillar, an unorthodox gloomy style of screamo / post-hardcore, and Mannequin, a grunge-influence punk rock band.

After the demise of both pg.99 & City of Caterpillar in 2003, Malady was formed featuring members of both bands. Several members of pg.99 currently play in the bands Haram and Pygmy Lush.

Band members:

Chris Taylor - vocals / (most) artwork (document 1 - 13)
Blake Midgette - vocals (document 1 -13)

Mike Taylor - guitar (document 1 - 13)
George Crum - guitar (documents 1 - 9, 12 - 13)
Mike Casto - guitar (document 3 - 10)
Jonathan Moore - guitar guitar (document 12 - 13)

Brandon Evans - bass / vocals / (occasional) artwork (document 7 - 13)
Kevin Longendyke - bass (document 9, 12, 13), guitar (document 10)
TL Smoot - bass (document 1 - 4)
Cory Stevenson - bass (document 5 - 8)
Mike Widman - bass (document 10)

Jonny Ward - drums / percussion (document 1 - 13)

Jeff - noise (document 3 - 5)

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  • 1998 – 2003 (5 years)
  • Johnny Ward Kevin Longendyke

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