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Raised under the wet and grey Belgian skies, much of Lorenzo Cook’s upbringing was spent an ocean away from where his passport said he was from. Growing up as an American expat in the heart of Europe, Lorenzo was introduced to a world of music that would otherwise have never met his ears by a wide range of international friends and musicians whom he spent most of teenage years with. His parents, well versed in music and keen to play NPR’s All Songs Considered at the dinner table, helped Cook’s appreciation and fascination with American music grow as well.
Upon turning 18 and moving out to Syracuse, NY to pursue his academics, Cook was met with a vibrant local music scene the likes of which he had never felt in Brussels. A home found in basement shows and the will to not only make music, but be part of a new and exciting culture of ‘do it yourself’ diligence.

After two years, and two bedroom-recorded albums under the name Spark Alaska, it was time to break out of the quiet and comfortable shell Cook had made for himself.

Equipped with an old Peavey guitar, a microphone that had never been yelled into before, and a handful of musician friends to take over for Lorenzo’s inept rhythmic abilities, Petite League was born. It was the snotty, noisey music that Cook had always wanted to make.

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