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Penfold's official date of inception is unknown. The four members began playing music together sometime in the early nineties but the entity known as penfold emerged some time in 1996 or 1997.

The natural course of live performances soon ensued and the band began to build a small following. After playing music together for over 10 years, 3 record releases (1997's "your eyes have all the answers" 7 inch, 1998's "amateurs and professionals" CDEP, and 2001's "our first taste of escape" LP) and hundreds of live shows, in March of 2003 penfold decided to call it a day.

Their final show took place in Old Bridge, New Jersey at the M & M hall on March 22nd. They played 2 sets lovingly to an audience of old and new friends from all over the world. It was an incredible day for the four.

Following the band's break-up, three original members started a band called the moirai ( ) They released an EP called "bury yourself" and disbanded soon afterward.

On November 12th, 2005, Penfold strolled into a friend’s basement in New Brunswick, New Jersey to play a secret impromptu show to a small unknowing audience (literally, most of the audience didn't know who they were). The band, still close friends, had decided to attempt a reunion but wanted to have a go at a test run to see if they could actually pull it off. The "Elf Pond" show was filmed, and can be experienced at

In February of 2006 the band reformed to play a reunion show at the Hamilton Street Cafe in Boundbrook, New Jersey. Since then, the four members of penfold remain friends and comrades. They look forward to a time in the future when they will be able to play music together again.
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