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1.Penetration were a punk band formed in late 1976, coming from Ferryhill, near Durham, England. The original line-up was Pauline Murray (vocals), Gary Chaplin (guitar), Robert Blamire (bass) and Gary Smallman (drums). Their first single was "Don't Dictate", released in November 1977.

Chaplin was replaced by Neale Floyd who debuted on "Firing Squad", released in May 1978 and Fred Purser joined on guitar for the single "Life's A Gamble" and the album "Moving Targets", both released in October 1978, the latter on limited edition glow-in-the-dark luminous vinyl.

"Danger Signs" was then released in April 1979, followed by "Come Into the Open", released in August 1979 from the forthcoming album "Coming up for Air", released in September 1979.

Musical differences and the pressure of fame saw the band split up in October 1979. Pauline Murray and Robert Blamire went on to form Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls and Fred Purser went on to join Tygers of Pan Tang, following his more heavy rock leanings.

2.Penetration is an american based death/thrash/black metal band from New York, formed in 1998
The line-up is :
Jesse "Black Bart" Bartlett - Vocals, Guitar
D.T. - Drums
Jamie Perdue-Bass
They have released 2 demos so far:
2004 demo
Victory or death(2007 demo)

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