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Pavel Dovgal was born in Vladivostok, Russia, in summer of 1986. He moved to Ukraine at quite a young age and began proving to his parents that his calling was music. His first instrument was guitar and he had strong desire to study music theory. As a young man he used to spend evenings in the school yard listening to the local bands performing. His parents decided to move to Kharkov where the rest of his school years were spent. This city provided many opportunities. Pavel has been through a lot of styles; Hip Hop, Punk, Metal… After a while Pavel felt he had to move to bigger and better things. That was when he started getting into Jazz, Soul, Blues and Classical music.

In 2008 Pavel got seriously involved in electronic music; IDM and other styles. This resulted in something unique, worth spending time and effort on. A mix of Hip Hop, various musical instruments and sounds, with unusual tonality and disharmony. His music is experimental, surprising and daring.

Pavel’s talent and hard work have brought him local musical success, performing in most of Kharkov’s clubs. The release in 2010 of his first solo album on Project Mooncircle aims to turn this local success into international recognition. Pavel’s music is a trip into a fable and his medium is the music of different genres: , , , and , used to form pictures. His work is free spirited and there are hints of feelings, allusions, enigma and mystery. We won’t get into the inner workings of his music, how it finds its way into the hearts and souls of the audience, the important thing is that it serves its purpose.

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