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A talented library producer with BBC and Channel 4 credits to his name, Paul White crafts his distinctive psychedelic nuggets at his South London studio. Paul’s earliest transmissions took the form of a series of mesmerizing beat tapes: rapid-fire scrapbooks of rough-edged artifacts passed between small circles of music-lovers.

A couple of sought-after 7"s and a handful of remixes later and Paul's was the name to drop amongst the cognoscenti, from old-schoolers such as Ashley Beedle and Danny Breaks to new kids on the block like Gaslamp Killer. Amongst his most vocal champions are the BBC's Mary Anne Hobbs, Benji B and Gilles Peterson - the latter featured Paul in his ‘Beat Generation’ special amongst the pick of the new breed. In print, Dazed & Confused enthused that he “embodies all that is good about a new generation of producers” while FACT magazine have tipped Paul as a key practitioner in the renaissance in instrumental hip-hop.

This last phrase is perhaps a key to distinguishing Paul from much of the pack: while he appeals to lovers of prog rock, of electronica, of a multitude of bass-heavy hybrids, there's something unmistakeably 'hip-hop' in his approach and his sound.

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