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Pansy Division is a band formed in San Francisco, California in 1992. The band was a founding example of the movement of openly gay musicians. They opened for fellow Bay Area band and former Lookout! Records artists Green Day on their "Dookie" tour in 1994 for a few months.

Their first single release was on the Outpunk Records compilation Outpunk Dance Party, to which they contributed the song "I Can't Sleep". They have released many singles and LPs, mainly on the independent record label Lookout! Records and on Alternative Tentacles.

Their discography is as follows:

That's So Gay
Alternative Tentacles 3/09

The Essential Pansy Division
Alternative Tentacles 1/06

Total Entertainment!
Alternative Tentacles 8/03

Absurd Pop Song Romance
Lookout 9/98

More Lovin' From Our Oven
Lookout 8/97

Wish I'd Taken Pictures
Lookout 2/96

Lookout 2/95

Lookout 6/94

Lookout 3/93

You can read more about them on their official website:

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