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There are at least 10 artists called Orchid:
1. A / band from Amherst, Massachusetts
2. A doom metal band from San Francisco, California
3. Helix Tears and Bloodshounds singer/rappper,
4. An indie-pop band Poznan, Poland
5. A rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia
6. an alias of Alexander Tooth
7. a "post-prog" band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
8. A progressive metal/mathcore band from Bangalore, India. Renamed to Maneating Orchid
9. A pop rap/indie rock duo based in Arizona known for their songs "Mama" and "Catatonia"
10. An indie electro-pop artist from the UK.

1. Active from 1998 to 2002, Orchid was first and foremost a band. Orchid combined a post-modern aesthetic with emo/screamo and even added prominent powerviolence/grindcore elements, an approach which positioned them as one of the most iconic 'emoviolence' musical groups; a genre humorously invented by In/Humanity several years prior to Orchid's existence.

Their sound was a highly frantic and chaotic amalgamation of blast beats, distorted tremolo picking/octave riffing and high pitched shrieks that gave way to very short and erratic/spastic songs; a style that would not be too far off from condensed black metal.

Orchid's members more often cite the German bands Systral and Carol as influences but they are said to particularly have borrowed a considerable amount of their sound from Canadian band One Eyed God Prophecy. Other influences include the French philosopher Michel Foucault.

They released several now hard to find splits (with bands including The Red Scare, Jeromes Dream, Combatwoundedveteran, Encyclopedia of American Traitors and the grindcore band Pig Destroyer), a 10'' record (Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! on Ebullition Records) and an LP (Chaos Is Me on Ebullition Records).

Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! and Chaos Is Me were released together as a single album, also on Ebullition Records. The band’s final release before their break-up was a self-titled album (commonly referred to as Gatefold) on Ebullition Records.

Members went on to form the bands Wolves, Panthers, Ampere, Bucket Full of Teeth, and Transistor Transistor. Posthumously, a CD compiling all of their singles and split releases (Totality on Clean Plate Records) was released. The CD also contains compilation tracks and songs from the Dance Tonight… Sessions.

The band was formed while the members were studying at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts in early 1998. Orchid played its last shows in a number of cities during the summer of 2002, the last of which was at the Advocate in Harvard Square in Boston.

The aforementioned Jerome’s Dream split was a one sided 10'' in the shape of a skull. It was pressed in red ink, black ink, and glow in the dark black ink, with one band’s songs playing from the inside out and the other from the outside in.

Former band member Will Killingsworth opened his own label called Clean Plate records, which now is producing Orchid shirts again. This is being done due to bootleg shirts going for a lot of money on eBay, and the real shirts going for equal if not more amounts. in other words, this was to get rid of the high prices. He also founded a highly popular recording/producing facility referred to as Dead Air Studios dedicated to hardcore as well as independent music.

2. ORCHID (SF) hail from San Francisco, California. They began playing live in and around San Francisco in early 2008. Since that time they have shared the stage with such heavies as Pentagram, Earthless, Nachtmystium, Fu Manchu, Astra, Slough Feg, Ludicra, and Hammers of Misfortune.

ORCHID signed with German Doom label The Church Within Records in October of 2009 and released their debut EP Through the Devil’s Doorway in December of that year to much praise and critical acclaim from both European and American press.
A full length LP, Capricorn, was released in February of 2011.

3. orchid is a singer/rapper. Member of popular soundcloud collectives Helix Tears and Bloodhounds. orchid

4. Orchid (a.k.a. Orchid_PL) is a polish Indie-Pop band formed in 2005 in Poznan, PL- a city in a mid way between Warsaw and Berlin. The band is currently composed of 5 band members, where the main force are girls (3 of them). Much of their music focuses on simple guitar-based melodies. It meets the electronics, but not very modern, rather vintage.

In April of 2007 Orchid recorded, produced and released their first EP takk!_soundsampler . This release can be downloaded via
In April 2009 the band released first LP Driving With a Hand Brake On . The debut album is available via their website.

5. The Orchid is a band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, with an album due to be released in August, 2007.

6. Orchid is an alias of Alexander Tooth, progressive house and breaks producer with releases on Gravitation Records, Hope recordings, Secret Planet & Silver Planet Recordings.

7. Orchid is also a "post-prog" band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.