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There are multiple artists by the name of OMORI.

1) A Bulgarian EDM and hip hop producer from London.
2) A combination of Pedro Silva, clover & sealife and Bo En operating under the aforementioned moniker, also known as "OMORI SOUND TEAM", with the main purpose of composing the OST for the role-playing game, "OMORI", released by OMOCAT.

1) Stoyan Yovchev started making music under the name Omori in 2016. With roots in drum and bass, he quickly expanded his sonic palette by experimenting with a plethora of genres – from lo-fi hip hop to glitch and noise. In 2018 he started performing live at various underground scene locations in Sofia. In 2019 he was one of the headliners of Radar Festival Beyond Music, Varna. Challenging the boundaries of genre definitions, Stoyan Yovchev released two tapes via Bulgarian imprint Amek Collective. Shortly after moving to London, he joined the local family of artists Index Tapes, he was only in his first year of university.

Оn April 13, 2020 Stoyan untimely left our world. A day earlier he changed this page name to ‘it doesn’t matter anymore’. He did, however, grant his family access to this account and it now serves as an archive of his music legacy and a reminder of his impulsive, emotional and bold approach to electronic music. His family decided to change back the account name to Stoyan Yovchev Omori to ensure his work is easily accessible for anybody who looks to listen to it. Tony lived to create and his work and life will always matter.

Remember Stoyan Yovchev - Omori (2000-2020)

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