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08/1992 The German Grindcore band Nyctophobic is founded by Chris /Guitar, Markus/Bass and Tom/Drums. 08/1992 Stephen, the singer of Tom's old band joins Nyctophobic. A little later the band is named "Nyctophobic". 02/1994 Release of "Negligenced Respect" 7" (MMI Rec.) 03/1994 Release of "Live in Mannheim" 7" (Lull Rex). 06/1994 Martin joins the band as second guitar player. 11/1994 Singer Stephen leaves the band and Alex (ex-Blood) joins the band as the new vocalist. 06/1995 A promo tape is recorded and sent to several Labels. 11/1995 Release of "Four Ways To Misery" CD (MMI) with Nyctophobic and 3 other bands. 12/1995 Chris and Alex leave the band to focus on their own projects. 01/1996 Zimbo (Vocals) and Markus (Guitar) join the band. Both fit musically and personally very well. 02/1996 A contract with Morbid Records is signed. 10/1996 "War Criminal Views" is released by Morbid Records. The reaction of the media is very positive. 11/1996 Release of
"Inner Manipulation" 7" (T&M Rec.). 02/1997 Nyctophobic tours with Exhumed & Hemdale. Grind over Europe 2 tours in Germany, Belgium, Netherland & the Czech Republic. 12/1998 Release of "Sterility" 7" (Revege Prod.) 06/1999 Release of "Eternal Livehate" Livetape (Shindy Productions). 05/2000 Release of "3-Way-CD" CD with Nyctophobic, Messrine and Traumatism. 09/2000 "Insects" is released by Morbid Records on September 11th. 09/2001 Grind over Europe 3 features Nyctophobic, Haemorrhage, Agathocles and Total Fucking Destruction. 06/2002 Martin leaves the band. 12/2006 "A Blast From The Past" is released. 04/2007 Zimbo leaves the band. 08/2007 New Material has been recorded but not yet released. 04/2008 Peter joins the band as the new vocalist. In the early nineties he had a band together with Tom.