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No Warning is a band from Toronto, Canada. The band was founded in the late 1990s by singer Ben Cook and guitarists Matt Delong and Jordan Posner. They released their first 7" on New York label, Martyr Records in 2001. Later that year, Boston based Bridge 9 Records re-released the 7" on CD with different artwork. The Band continued to play shows across the east coast of the USA and Canada with metal/hardcore bands such as Hatebreed, Madball, Cro-Mags, Sick Of It All, Terror, and Bane. They also appeared at annual hardcore festivals such as Hellfest (NY) and Posi Numbers Fest (PA). In the fall of 2002, No Warning released what most fans consider to be the bands best work and a monumental album of that era of hardcore, Ill Blood.

While touring, the band crossed paths with Sum 41 manager/producer Greig Nori. While working with Nori, the band developed a more "radio friendly" sound. This lead to them signing with Linkin Park's label Machine Shop Records. The album Suffer, Survive was released in late 2004.

The band continued to tour with more high-profile bands such as Linkin Park, Sum 41, Papa Roach, The Used, Fear Factory, as well as older punk bands like SNFU. The band was a part of Linkin Park's 2004 Projekt Revolution Tour on which bands from Korn to Snoop Dog, Ghostface Killah and Less Than Jake played. The band also played at the Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

After a lot of time spent on tour and different directions the band wanted to take, No Warning broke up in late 2005. Members went on to form bands such as Surplus Sons and Millenial Reign. Ben Cook now plays guitar and contributes to songwriting in Fucked Up, in addition to doing solo garage pop, under the name Young Governor.

IN LATE 2014, THE BAND ANNOUNCED THEY HAD REUNITED AND ARE NOW BACK TOGETHER. Hardcore kids around the world are rejoicing. Bring it on, No Warning.

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  • 1998 – 2005 (7 years)
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Ben Cook

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