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”If the music is loud we won’t hear the sound of the world falling apart”

No Omega have been a very active, hardworking band since their start in 2010, playing their blend of political hardcore, screamo and metal. They have released two full-length records, two EPs and played more than 300 shows, with band such as Parkway Drive, Touche Amore, Pianos Become The Teeth, The Carrier, Comeback Kid, Loma Prieta, Oathbreaker, Birds In Row, Full Of Hell, and more.

No Omega started in 2010 and in 2011 their debut EP (7" vinyl) was released on Monument Records (SWE) and a small Stockholm label called 'World vs Cometh'. Through hard work and DIY ethics (owing their thanks to the DIY-scene), they managed to do four European tours (2010 - 2011).

No Omega’s first album came out on 12” vinyl and CD in 2012. The record, titled ‘Metropolis’, was a three-way-release by labels: TDON Records (UK), Get This Right Records (US) and Monument (SWE). Two European tours later, including their first appearance at infamous festival Fluff Fest, No Omega began writing their second record.

Sophomore album ”Shame” (CD/LP) came out on Throatruiner Records (FR) in Spring 2013 and sold out in a matter of months. The rest of the year included touring Europe four times, taking on the United States, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine for the first time, as well as playing their 200th show at Ieper Fest (Belgium) in August.

In September 2013, Victor (drums) and Andreas (vocals) left the band to pursue other endeavours. Daniel (bass, now guitar) and Oscar (guitar, now vocals) were shocked and very sad, but determined to go on, as No Omega had become something that was growing and worth developing, something that meant too much to them, to let go off.

Finding a new vocalist to replace Andreas felt unmanageable, but since Oscar was already writing most of the lyrics and doing backing vocals in the band, they decided to try and switch so that Daniel would now play guitar (which was actually his main instrument before he joined No Omega) and Oscar would do vocals. Their best friend Joakim - whom Daniel had been in a band with earlier - joined the band on bass guitar and Taliesin Leboutillier (ex. Goodtime Boys, ex. We Came Out Like Tigers) joined the band for a short time on drums, but left the band in late 2014.

Except for getting used to the new line-up and writing new music, 2014 held two tours in store for No Omega. In May they had the privilege of supporting Touché Amoré (Deathwish, US) and Birds In Row (Deathwish, Fr) on their tour throughout Europe, and in July they did a Euro tour with Swain (f.k.a. This Routine Is Hell), as well as their second appearance at Fluff Fest.

The rest of the year was spent writing and in September they entered the studio again to record an EP. Since everything else with the band was pretty much new, they decided to work with a new engineer as well - Fred Hunger and Fvck Life studio in Trollhättan (Anchor, Gust, Painted Wolves). Mastering was done by AudioSiege and Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise).

The new EP, titled 'Occupants', will be released by Dog Knights Productions (UK) and Protagonist Music (US) on CD/LP in April, 2015.

No Omega is ffo: Killing The Dream, Converge, Touché Amoré.

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Name: No Omega
Hometown: Stockholm, SE
Current labels: Dog Knights Productions (UK), Protagonist Music (US)
Current Release: EP 'Occupants' out now on CD/LP.


Order our new EP 'Occupants' (12" vinyl w/ etched b-side) from Dog Knights Productions (Europe):

Order our new EP 'Occupants' (12" vinyl w/ etched b-side) from Protagonist Music (USA):

No Omega merch AMERICA (Worldwide):

No Omega merch EUROPE (Worldwide):

Order 'SHAME' (2013) from Throatruiner:

Order SHAME (2013) from Deathwish inc:

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