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11/11/2004, Nine Eleven (Tours / Le Mans, Riot States Killers / No Time To Lose) was born from the ashes of common passions and from the love shared by its members for the Spermbirds, Nirvana, Bane, black metal, ambiant moroseness and the foretold next 40 years of collective blooming in the loneliness of daily work, televirtual life, mass sendentarisation, the scenestar "cool attitude" on internet forums and the cynicism of a speech pre-formated by a rotten youth nourished with the feeding bottles of the entertainment industry…

Not to mention the "cool" uniforms chemically enhancing the "cool" alternative French world, the badges fixed on the bag of the patrons of the HXC scene in Europe and elsewhere, the Levi's jeans and old school Vans who make us feel like true rebelsss(!), the enthusiasm and the good mood of the Parisian easy going audience…

What about our music, then? Oh, er… well, our music is simply inspired by the current speech, the sad and self-indulging failure-loving speech proudly defended by the "cool" people of our "cool" generation…

current lineup:

Romain - vocal
Jeff - guitar
Richard - guitar
Vince - bass guitar
Sam - drums

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