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Nick grew up in a household full of music - and at age 9 he began to learn guitar from his stepfather, Edward. By the age of 15 he turned pro, touring all over the world with famous artists and bands. Because he was usually the youngest band member, he would sometimes paint a mascara moustache on his upper lip to make himself look older - so imagine his embarrassment when his grandmother attended one of his concerts and promptly wiped said moustache off with her ever-present handkerchief!

“Jazz was my upbringing, but initially pursuing a career as a sideman meant I had to become well versed in R&B, blues and heavy metal. When I play live, I incorporate all kinds of music and have a lot of fun. All of these styles have contributed to defining my own sound as an artist.” Nick Colionne’s charismatic stage presence, combined with his guitar virtuosity, are evidence he’s succeeded; audiences love the excitement and energy he brings to every performance.

Nick Colionne's latest CD Keepin' It Cool on Narada Jazz found the first single "Always Thinking of You" propelling him to the top of the charts once again. This single was #9 for the year 2006 on Radio and Records, and Nick was the #9 Artist of the Year. On the charts for 45 weeks, and Top 10 for an amazing 19 weeks, this single was also # 1 for 2006 on Radio Waves Monitor Chart (Internet Airplay) and #1 on the World Jazz Top 20 Chart. In fact, Nick is on every major top 10 list for 2006! The second single, "If You Ask Me", went top 20 and his newest single, the title track "Keepin' It Cool" is currently climbing the charts. The CD has received rave reviews around the world

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