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Necrony was a death metal/goregrind band from Örebro, Sweden formed in 1991.
They fit into the classic gore/death/grind genre along with bands such as (old) Carcass, (old) Exhumed, Haemorrhage, etc. Necrony began their short-lived career with
the release of the "Mucu-Purulent Miscarriage" EP and the "Severe Malignant Pustule" demo; both in 1991. Two years later the band released their first and only full-length album entitled "Pathological Performances". After the release of the Necronyism: Distorting the Originals EP (a nod to their obvious Carcass influences) which was comprised entirely of cover songs, and an untitled promo-tape in 1994 (re-released in 2000 as "Under the Black Soil"), the band broke up.

Political grindcore band Nasum, formed in 1992, was originally a side-project of Jakobson and Alriksson's. This, however, changed with Necrony's demise, and Nasum became their primary focus.

  • Info
  • 1990 – 1996 (6 years)
  • Örebro, Örebro Municipality, Örebro, Sweden
  • Anders Jakobson (1990 – present)
    Dan Wall (1990 – 1993)
    Daniel Andersson Rickard Alriksson (1990 – present)

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