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Necrokillgraveterror born in 2000 year, as one-men project. In then time in band play only Zooz Butcher. In January 2001 Zooz recorded debut yourself lenth "Mince Meat". In August 2001 N.K.G.T. recorded yourself second album "Relation Between Father And Daughter".
In finish 2001 year N.K.G.T. decide be full group. Recruiting members this purulent project:
Zooz Butcher-Vocals & Bass.
John Bloodsucker-Guitars.
In Finish July 2002 in band coming Micky.
Zooz Butcher-Voices.
John Bloodsucker-Bass.
In this line up N.K.G.T. In September 2002 recorded yourself third album "Genital Torment".
Late band was on line decomposition. Band go out Micky, and later Zeaque.
But can't on fukkin' trouble N.K.G.T. resurection from vomit masses of rotten worl, and Zooz and John continue grinding.
Zooz Butcher-Pathovoicer. John Bloodsucker-Rottenbasser & Gore six string. And in February 2004 recorded album "Kill Or Be Killed"
In middle May 2005 on Coyote rec was out Split CD NECROKILLGRAVETERROR/NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM/CRANIUM/RED HOT PIGGY PUSSYS. And in Juny 2005 into N.K.G.T. come Stas (Drums), and in this line up they recorded MCD "Fear". But he go out after records.
In winter go out John. New members recruting:
Zooz-Bass & Voices, Mifod-Guitar, Andrew-Guitar, Ditonator-Drums.
The Springtime 2007 groups abandons Andrew. But in band returns John.
The Composition: Zooz-Voices, Mifod-Guitar, Ditonator-Drums, John-Bass.
In finish 2007 begin 2008 N.K.G.T. record new material "Blood & Bowels"
Guys continue work and now.
N.K.G.T. minced, mince and be mince GRINDCORE. This they caprice, self-express and ultimate this brutal world!

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