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Naofumi Hataya (kanji:幡谷尚史), born November 13, 1966 in Saitama, Japan, is a musician and composer working for Wave Master. He graduated from Rikkyo University, where he played in a band. Though Hataya did not want a career in music, he was looking to improve his skills, so he sought a job at a music-related company. In 1990, he took a job at Sega.

Some of his well known works are Golden Axe II, Sonic CD (JPN/EURO), and NiGHTS into Dreams, but he has worked on many soundtracks for both Sonic Team, and SEGA in general.

Hataya has been credited under the aliases Nao, Nao Chan, Hata, Hatabaw, Hata-bow, N.H, N. Hataya and Dr. Rachael.

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