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NAMEK's story began in 1998, when Simão (ex-GROG, ex-SISTEMATIC COLLISION, ex-THE INVERTEBRATE, MARTELO NEGRO) and Vitor Mendes (ex-SISTEMATIC COLLISION, ex-NEOPLASMAH) formed a side-project called ULTRAPODRE. This duo recorded material that was later released in a split tape with canadian grindfreaks FUCK THE FACTS. Eventually, this side-project called it quits and both Simao and Vitor focused on their main bands.

In December 2001, Simão joined forces with drummer Beto (ex-GROG, ex-DEVICE, ex-AS GOOD AS DEAD, ex-WE WERE WOLVES, FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM) and guitarist Alex (ex-DEVICE), and changed the name of the band to NAMEK. The following year, the trio entered the studio and recorded a version of GUT's "Women in Decay", which became part of the compilation CD "A Tribute to GUT".

Guitarist Paulo (ex-CARNIFICATION, ex-SIMBIOSE, ex- ATENTADO) joined in the summer of 2003. In the following two years, NAMEK played more shows and worked on the material that would become part of the debut CD "Vaginator", that saw its release in 2006 through Poland's EVERYDAYHATE. During this period, Simão decided to focus only on the vocals, and bass duties were handed down to Samuel (ex-SIDEFFECTS, THE LADDER). Now a five-piece, NAMEK promoted "Vaginator" with concerts around Portugal, being the presence at CAOS EMERGENTE '06 the highlight of that period.

In 2007, more line-up changes took place. Nelson (ex-MASSIVE CARNAGE, PUSSYVIBES) replaced Samuel and, in the following year, Marco (ex-NAKED SOUL, MARTELO NEGRO) replaced guitarist and founding member Alex, who had left the band. With this new formation, NAMEK went on to play in the 2008 edition of the SWR BARROSELAS METALFEST and one of the biggest Grindcore festivals in the world, the OBSCENE EXTREME in the Czech Republic.

The latest release, a split CD with Holland's RECTAL SMEGMA (666 Records / Diablos Records), includes tracks that were recorded in 2007, the last material with Alex. The next release was a split 7" EP with fellow PT grinders PUSSYVIBES, released in 2010 through UTTER DISGUST RECORDS. This release showed the band steering away from the "Porn Grind" shtick, and leaning towards a more "traditional" Grindcore approach.

NAMEK eventually went on hiatus in 2011 until 2017, where they reunited to play a one off gig with GROG and ANALEPSY, now with Daniel (DISTHRONE, UNDERSAVE, ANIMALESCO O MÉTODO) on bass. The band then decided to end their hiatus, and brought in Rolando Barros (GROG, NEOPLASMAH, FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM), AVA INFERI, and so on…) to take Beto's place behind the drumkit, who had decided to leave the band.

After this year's presence at the SWR Barroselas Metal Fest, NAMEK will return to the rehearsal room to finish writing new material for their 2nd album.

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