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MY LITTLE LOVER began with two members, akko(vo) & Kenji Fujii(g). Their first album "EVER GREEN" was produced by Takeshi Kobayashi, an important music producer in Japan, who later became a member of the band. (Takeshi Kobayashi has done production work for bands such as "Mr.Children" and "Southern All Stars".)

When akko and Kobayashi got married, Fujii decided to leave the band. He is still an active guitarist.

MY LITTLE LOVER released the single "Man & Woman" in 1995, followed by popular hits such as "Hello Again", "ALICE", "Destiny" and "Yes -free flower-".

Their popularity lies in akko's passionate vocals and the masterful composition of Takeshi Kobayashi, covering multiple genres from '70s rock to techno.

MY LITTLE LOVER transferred to the Avex label in 2006, when "ribbon" and "Overflowing" were released.

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