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There are two artists called Mountain Man:

1) An American folk trio from Bennington, Vermont.
2) An American hardcore band from Massachusetts featuring members of I Rise and Last Lights.

1) Mountain Man is an American folk trio from Bennington, Vermont, comprising Amelia Meath, Molly Sarle, and Alex Sauser-Monnig. They often sing a cappella.
There's a fragile balance between the three very different styles and personalities in the three women. They are all songwriters, and having all three approaches with the same treatment on the same album is really satisfying. There is Alex's guitar based songs, with deep, slow moving roots. Amelia, writing for voices alone, creates rising complicated lattice structures. Molly also writes for guitar, but with space for more weight, drama, and tension.
They started singing together in the spring of 2009. They released a limited self-titled album, Mountain Man, followed by Made The Harbor (2010), Magic Ship (2018)
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2) Mountain Man is an American hardcore band from Massachusetts featuring members of I Rise and Last Lights..
Beginning in 2009, Mountain Man produced a self-released demo and subsequently signed a deal with indie label, Mightier Than Sword. The 10” EP “One.” was released in March 2010. The record showcased the band’s influences from genre pioneers like Neurosis to modern metallic heros like Converge.
Think Fast! co-owner Larry Scott comments on the signing, saying “To be able to have a hand in helping Mountain Man develop, grow, and get their music out to kids worldwide is why we started this label. The fact that they are hardworking and motivated, on top of being one of the best newer bands we’ve heard, sealed the deal for us.”
Drummer Patrick Murphy adds, “since the formation of Mountain Man, Think Fast! have been big supporters and people we could reach out to if we ever needed help in anyway. When they asked us if we wanted to release a record with them the answer was an obvious one. It truly feels like Ryan and Larry both want our band to succeed as much as we do, and they have faith in us to let us make the record we want to make.”
Since the release of “One.”, Mountain Man toured with Soul Control (Bridge 9), followed by a five-week US headline run to support their record.
Murphy notes, “We are excited to finish writing, record the new album, and see what the future holds for Mountain Man. We couldn’t ask for a better situation to be in.”
The album "The Flower Moon" was released in 2019.

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