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Moro is one of two artists:

1) Hardcore arranger, principal arranger of KINZOK ON from Japan.
Also known as morrrrrro
KINZOK ON bandcamp:
MORO on Twitter:

2) Moro is a beast composed of two reasonably-sentient beings: Nolan Thomas and Daniel Lee Ruff Smith, and born in the hills surrounding a village known as Eau Claire, WI. The beast is sometimes called "M o r o", or "M O R O" by different tribes.

After writhing in front of crowds of jubilant townsfolk a few times, and Lee Ruff taking a brief absence to travel to the Land of Thais, it regurgitated it's first offspring– "Embers"– in a fiery cough. The townsfolk went mad for it, but it was too jittery to stay in one place, so it travelled throughout the globe on the back of the root-god Pando, whom some know as The Interwebs, among other names. The child was aided in it's travels by MJMJ Records and many friends.

Then Lee Ruff heard callings from afar, and split from it's Nolan-half to gain knowledge in the far off land of España for one half an earth cycle. Though less powerful due to their separation, the two beings were able to communicate with the aid of their friend-god Pando, speaking into his roots and sensing the vibrations on the other end.

With a seed planted in their minds by the ancient tree-and-worker guardians, Simon & Garfunkel, they combined their powers and dreamed into existence their second child, "Sound of Silence". This child was requested of them by the Pando-rider Cactus-Mouth, who then took it forth along the roots and raised it as his own.

It was then that Nolan-half began to feel unsatisfied with his choice to study the ancient and time-honored craft of Illustration, and made leave from the temple of UW-Eau Claire, at least for a time. With his newfound freedom and an approaching 21st birth-festival, his mother, Keli, offered forth the means for Nolan-half to visit the city København, in the realm of Danmark– close to the Witch Woods of Sverige, where the Old Gods dwell. He sought refuge with his pal-being Mirko, and stayed in the living room of two wonderful she-Danes.

By some chance of fate, Lee Ruff was also in the region, and the two beings were able to briefly reunite in the north-country of Uppsala, deep within the Witch Woods of Sverige. It was a long and perilous journey for Nolan-half, battling Sex-Trolls and SJ Railways, and his ability to communicate with Pando grew weak, causing many confusions. But through it all, he eventually found the Lee Ruff, and all was merry. Moro stomped as one through the halls of Upsalla by day, and gazed into it's clear pools by night, discussing with reasonable-sentience the nature of The Creator or The Great Unknown. Cats and ducks came to listen in and gain knowledge, but were keen to hide their own sentience.

Alas, Moro was forced to split once again, returning to Eau Claire and España respectively. Nolan-half used up all his coins on food and travel in Danmark and Sverige, and now really really needs to get a job.

The two halves of Moro have resolved to sleep until June of the earth-cycle 2011, when they can be reunited once more in the village Eau Claire, and writhe for crowds and spew forth new offspring, and send them forth into the world with Pando and alive with Moro's magical instruments, and travel throughout the land with village-friends and make many many anew. The beast will be unstoppable. maybe. It will never stop dreaming.

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