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Founded 1998, their first Trip-Hop/Downbeat Album "Basement Music" was released and received rave reviews from Labels like Compost Records and Stereo Deluxe. For the highly acclaimed follow-up album "Music for collapsing people" with bangin' tracks like "Sinzing Sunset Boulevard" or "Viama", Moodorama teamed up with the famous Label Stereo Deluxe rec. In 2002, Audiopharm/SPV contacted the Moodorama-crew. Both parties decided to work together and consequently two albums were dropped out: "Listen", a smart and homogenous concept album, and "Mystery in a cup of tea", an unusual discussion between material and music, more sharp-edged than the earlier album but nevertheless a suitable companion for all walks of life. Despite this versatility the album nevertheless pursues the characteristic style of Moodorama. In addition to that, countless Licensing agreements for well-known Compilations like - Café del Mar, brazilectro, Hugo Boss Complete Cool, Supperclub, The Karma Collection, Chillen & Grillen, The white room or the Erotic Lounge - were chosen.

Their latest album is called "My Name Is Madness", released in 2006 under the label Mole Listening Pearls.

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